About Pristine Nutraceuticals

Starting in 1997, research kicked off on the development and experimentation of an all-in-one recipe intended to boost suitable immune system function subsequently eradicating the failing of a fighting immune system classified as Autoimmunity.

After fourteen years of extensive research and design, Pristine Nutraceuticals has come up with the highly successful DigestaCure™ product.

In comparison to the healing industry, Pristine Nutraceutical’s Digestacure™ has a very high success rate on a case by case basis. The company continues to receive success stories from their customers each and every day. Users who take the product for four months or more see a 19 out of 20 success rate.

Pristine Nutraceuticals, Addressing the Root-Cause of Autoimmune Conditions

Pristine Nutraceuticals has produced a “Super-plant” (no genetic manipulation) from the Aloe family. The plant is cultured to provide a high quality and quantity of natural immune modulating components which mock the immune modulators the food industry has steadily reduced from the food supply over the last 70 years.

Pristine Nutraceuticals has sufficiently produced proprietary extraction and stabilization technology concentrating the natural immune modulating components into a powder which is then encapsulated. The product delivers these specific tools which immunity requires to function properly. Subsequently, the autoimmune attack on the many organs and tissues of the body may stop, and healing is then advanced by immunity as planned.

Pristine Nutraceutical Provides Unparalleled Customer Assistance

The product has been called the “Perfect Food Material for the Immune System.” Digestacure™ is not a drug and doesn’t need to be prescribed by a doctor.

Pristine Nutraceuticals prides itself on its customer support team. They provides a free, five-day-per-week support system where customers may speak to experienced Product Specialists who have directed thousands of individual cases. These specialists are trained well and can save you time, money, and pain, should a question, concern, or healing difficulty come up.